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Growing Success

As a typical artist, I'm more of an introvert who prefers working quietly in a studio rather than being out among the crowds peddling my work but of course, I do need to make a living from what I produce. Being a terrible salesman, I let either my website or gallery owners do the actual publicity. The main gallery/shop that I use is Cherrydidi, an arts and crafts shop in the midst of the Lake District. They have shops in both Keswick and Ambleside and do a wonderful job of supporting both new and upcoming artists and have been a huge help to me, so much so that sales of my original artworks (i.e. pencil works) have been increasing steadily over the past few months. Not only is this good for my accounts but greatly encourages me to build upon my work and push myself further in creativity and style.

I'd like to thank not only Cherrydidi for their support but also, more importantly, those customers who have invested in my work. Below are some of the pieces that have gone to new homes recently and I would point you to my online shop should you wish an artwork for yourself. First come, first serve!


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