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Villaggio dell'Euro

Villaggio dell'Euro, which is Italian for "Euro Village"and sounded better than "Euro Dorf". This is the illustrative work I have created to date. I've often travelled across central Europe and always love how the architecture of houses blend and transmorf as the miles go by.

So in the highest alps, the chalets are timber, decorative and often with narrow bases and cross braces. Then, travelling to the lower alps, the timber gradually makes way for stone or concrete, sometimes painted with local illustrations. The French areas tend to have split sloped roofs while the German houses can have Tudor like exposed timber facades. Moving into Italy, grey tiles give way to the familiar orange clay tiles and the walls are from the local stone. Tuscan clifftop villages teeter on the edges before a plainer but colourful style hugs the coasts around Cinque Terre.

I've incorporated these styles into a single village to show that despite differences in language and culture, we are all somehow related to one another and essentially all part of the our corner of the world.

If only Britain could be part of it too.

The drawing is 29cm wide and 56cm high and is rendered in ink on 3mm Claybord.


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