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Forest Murmurs

In my endeavour to create more detail in my drawings I have used a new technique. Using pens instead of pencils, my "canvas" was a Gesso Board - a thick board which has several layers of white gesso on top which are then sanded to a very smooth finish. This provides a surface that can be worked on harder than paper but also scratched away to reveal clean white through the drawing. For the ink, I used Stylefile marker pens together with black acrylic ink and India ink for various washes.

It was quite a learning process throughout and I probably should have started with something simpler but I always want to see as early as I can the possibilities with new processes. I love the overall effect. If I had any criticism for myself, it would be to be more subtle in the early stages. Otherwise, this is a work I would happily have on my wall which is something I don't very often do (small confession there).


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