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Britain's 100 Best Railway Stations

Some months ago, I was asked by Penguin Publishers to take some photos of the recently decorated Wemyss Bay Station with its a beautiful Victorian vaulted iron roof. They'd had a photo by someone else but it was in the old colours, so they needed an update and I gladly made use of the available sunlight to meet their now shortened deadline.

Thankfully, they were delighted with the shots and used one for the interior of the book but better yet, one was used for the actual cover. They were very thankful in fact to the point that when they discovered a slight error when it was published , they were, in their own words, "horrified". The error was that they had not given me credit for the cover photo but left it to the photographer of the original photo. So fame and fortune once again slips from my fingers. C'est la vie, as they say.

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