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Can it actually be 3 months since my last post?! This Covid business certainly plays havoc with all sense of time. In my last post, I related how I had turned a corner with my pencil work. Since then, I've also made progress with my pen work. Again, with rather more time on my hands, I've been able to be less hurried with my work and spend extra hours on detail. I did a couple of small drawings with limited results but these larger A3 sized drawings are more in line with the standard I aim for.

The first, "The Greenhouse", is based on a scene in Morland in the heart of the Eden Valley, Cumbria. I've been wanting to draw this for years but never quite found the right way to do it. Pen seemed the best way in the end. This drawing has actually been sold and is on its way to the US.

The second is more of an exercise of pen on a theme that's always been another interest of mine: old sailing ships.

The third is actually a redrawing of one I had done some time ago but felt I could do a lot better. This is Grasmere in the Lake District.


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