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Onwards and Upwards

Being an artist is 90% inspiration and following my recent successes I have found a new wave of inspiration for further work together with developing my skills and style into new ventures. I've been learning new techniques with the combination of graphite and colour pencils and experimenting with improving the balance of each medium in terms of colour, light, tones and textures - exciting times!

So I have produced two new works which are somewhat bolder and, dare I say, more confident. I've set before myself a certain level of skill and I feel that I'm closer than I've ever been. This is not to say that I think these are "below par" as I'm very pleased with them but being very self critical, I can see the direction that I'm going and how to steer myself next. My only issue now is finding the time for future works.

The first work is "Fiercely Calm", a striking mix of a quaint cottage (Blea Tarn Cottage in the Langdales) under a fiery sunset reflected in the small stream. I always love working with reds and golds.

Fiercely Calm

The second is a larger and more detailed work, "Evening Bluebells", which is again based in the Langdales. I've usually stayed away from flowers due to the complexity of them but I wanted to have one with the blues and purples that are so abundant in Spring.

Evening Bluebells

These are due to be available in Cherrydidi in Ambleside once framed but are also available directly through this website.


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