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New for Autumn

I seem to have had quite a break from new artworks but it's not been all sea, sand and sunshine. I have been busy working on these two new pencil drawings which are somewhat more traditional in style to my usual contemporary works. Using only colour pencils (no graphites involved), I've made the effort to be more detailed but deliberately not photorealistic which many pencil artists seem to lean toward; creating a "painted" style as opposed to "illustrative".

Using pencils can be a bit of a hindrance due to the fact that the colours can be a little dull (or maybe I haven't found the right technique yet) and I sometimes wonder if I really ought to just use paints but I still love the humble tool and am pressing on to find the right method.

So here below is Near Sawrey in Autumn (well known for Beatrix Potter's Hill House) followed by St John's Beck, the small river that runs through St John's-in-the-Vale near Thirlmere.


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