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Pencil Drawings

While digital paintings are fun to work on, I do miss the the feel of working with pencils on the textures of different paper. I can also sit where I like whilst drawing as opposed to being stuck at a computer for the duration of the piece, so I have taken a break from the digital and have been working on colour pencil drawings.

I normally use Derwent graphites but for the coloured work I've been trying out Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils which I have to say, I absolutely love. The lightfast colours just pop out off the paper and they are very hard wearing.

For the works above, I start off drawing with a black pen. I've been somewhat influenced since a couple of exhibitions in the last year. One was an exhibition of linocut printing at Reghed in Cumbria which had fantastic prints from a wide variety of artists (my favourite being Bryan Angus ). The other exhibition was at the Glasgow Kelvingrove Museum showing the work of Frank Quitely, a comic book artist for DC Comics. I was captured at both of these exhibitions by the clean cut technique of black outlines and/or sharp edges, rather than the softness that's often associated with pencils.

The four pieces above are for Cherrydidi, a gallery that I currently sell through in Keswick, Cumbria.

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