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On a Lockdown Roll

Since my last post, I've been thoroughly enjoying my new found love for smooth paper surface and have been working on more drawings. Since I can't get out due to corona lockdown, I'm travelling Europe through my pencils, hence the rather mixed locations of these drawings. All works are 16x13 inches in size. I should add that while I take as good a photo as I can of these and process them digitally, pencil is really best seen in its original. Something of the subtlety and tonal depth is lost on screen. This is not an excuse but more of a frustration on my part.

First up, "The Schiller Departs". One of the century plus old paddle steamers that still churn their way around Lake Lucern in Switzerland. I just love that big flag at the stern.

Next is "Giethoorn" in the Netherlands. This lovely car free village is made for the artist, providing you avoid the tourist crowds in summer.

This on I love. I came across this scene many years ago during a brief walk in Nesso by Lake Como in Italy. I've always intended to draw it but never felt I could do it justice...until now.


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